Thursday, September 06, 2012

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

This thistle-like plant (dipsacus fullonum), called wild, common, or fuller's teasel in English, is called cardère à foulon in French. Carding (cardage) and teasing are words that have to do with preparing wool or cotton for spinning, and fouler has something to do with pressing or tanning leather. Apparently, this plant's flower heads were once used to tease wool in textile manufacturing.

Common teasel. Ouch!

We see these tall plants along side roads on the edge of wooded areas all around our region. I read that teasel is sometimes known as cabaret des oiseaux (the birds' nightclub). Hence the title of my post.

Life is a cabernet, old chum.


  1. Fulling is a finishing process for woven cloth, to raise the nap and bind the fibres together. Fuller's earth comes into it too. Don't the goldfinches just love teasels though!

  2. Nicely said, Walt. Thanks.
    Fulling is also known as felting.

  3. Looks like it could be extremely painful!

  4. I started watching the game but got bored and watched the Bill Clinton speech instead. As it turns out, a very good decision.

  5. NFL referees lock-out, so a lot of replacement refs and youngsters learning the trade . Hence some very interesting situations :-)

  6. Cabaret is arguably my favorite movie. Period.


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