Sunday, September 30, 2012

My treasure, my precious

Not far from where we live is a small town called Montrésor (My Treasure) which is home to a very pretty château and church. The town is on built on the heights above a very small river called l'Indrois. Last week we took our house guests there for a walk along the river and through the town.

The church up on the heights above the river. The castle is over to the left, just outside this photo.

This view is from the south (I think) looking up at the town and the church above. The church, la Collégiale Saint-Jean Baptiste, was built in the sixteenth century. We walked up there and went inside for a look before walking back down through town.


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day to see it. I read a few years back that Montresor was the top PBV of all the PBVs, but recently there was a vote and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie came out on top. Guess we'll have to check it out next trip--or you go, you're closer.

  2. Love this one- Montresor is pretty from the outside and also the inside. This would look good framed up and hanging chez moi or vous.

  3. Montrésor is lovely and the stained glass inside the collégiale is excellent.

  4. I visited Saint-Cirq-Lapopie back in about 1984 or '85, thanks to a mention of it in a proposed tour given by the Smithsonian. It is a treasure!

  5. it looks like a film set does it not?

  6. carolyn, yes, it was a very pleasant day.

    evelyn, I've never been inside!

    n&a, I tried to take some photos of the windows, but I'm not sure I like how they turned out.

    judy, Ken and I were there once (I think in the early 90s). Very cool.

    john, I think you're right.


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