Monday, October 01, 2012

The castle

The château at Montrésor includes the ruins of a medieval fortress and a more "recent" renaissance wing, seen here. Construction began on this section in the late fifteenth century.

Getting our bearings before a walk through town.

That's Ken on the right with friends Chris (left) and Barbara (middle) as we begin our walk along the river below the château.


  1. "the late 15th century" - hell the USA was still an unknown quantity!

  2. Looks like the beginning of a lovely walk.

  3. Is this view across the river or is the Indrois on the other side of the château?

  4. A perfect setting for someone to write about in a fairy tale. Any takers?

  5. What a wonderful place to take a walk. Must be pretty cool in France by the look of those coats. Here in northern California, we're still having shorts and T-shirt weather.

  6. a castle with a roof!
    how very un British!

  7. annemarie, unknown by the Europeans, at any rate. :)

    virginiac, it was!

    chm, this is the view from across the river. That railing is right along the water.

    mary, I've got too many chores to do. ;)

    anon, I think we're done with t-shirts and shorts for the year! :(

    john, lol!!


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