Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall grape leaves

It's that time of year. The harvest is nearly complete. The grape vines are changing color. Soon the leaves will begin dropping and the vineyard will take on its winter browns. Until then, there's this:

I think this varietal is côt (malbec) based on what we've been told by the growers.

The change is accelerating. The red maple trees in our front yard are beginning their turn toward orange, after which their leaves will fall into the driveway. The birch trees all around are getting more and more yellow. And there are accents of brilliant red here and there.

This is probably grolleau (a Loire Valley varietal), again based on what we've been told in the past.

Our fall is not as dramatic as a New England, Northern US, or Canadian autumn; you'll find no "leaf peepers" in our parts. But it's still pretty.


  1. look at the detail in those leaves!

    our color here in the philadelphia area has not happened yet; it's been too warm still. in 2-3 weeks we will begin to see it better.

  2. Beautiful, once again :)

    When I saw your side post, I thought that "vet day" was you putting on an accent, to say "wet day" (as in, "eeets going to be a vvvvettt day") :)))

  3. Judy

    That's funny :-)


    The leaves are already turning here and it is looking beautiful though a bit cool - Fun time to pick up all those dead leaves - sometime s i just let the wind takes over :-)

  4. I think these can hold their own with the US colors!

  5. annemarie, enjoy!

    judy, Sunday is shaping up to be "wet day!"

    t.b., I like to run the lawnmower over the leaves so it mulches them. Still, I can't do that in the gravel driveway so I have to pick those up. They get composted into the vegetable garden.

    starman, not bad, eh?


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