Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chenonceau castle

As promised, here's the view of Chenonceau that you get while walking along the path on the left bank of the Cher. Not bad, eh?

The freebie view of Chenonceau castle. Click to encastellate.

The river flows lazily under the arches. In summer it's not unusual to see a kayak or two on the water. By the way, the water is nearly crystal clear. The river bottom is visible and fish abound.

A closer look.


  1. I am stunned by its beauty; look closely and you can see the high water marks on the stones.

    reminds me a bit of the biltmore estate in asheville, NC.

  2. That is gorgeous, fantastic photos. Imagine living in a place like that, I would need my GPS to find my way around!! :-)) Take care Diane

  3. Walt, it would be nice to see how clear the water is with the fish swimming around.....may be next time.
    That is a beautiful castle to live near to...lucky you.

  4. It is always a pleasing sight, good photo also. It looks cleaner than I remember! Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous! I love your photos.

  6. annemarie, it's one of the most famousest of castles in the Loire Valley.

    diane, no kidding!

    mitch, have you been there?

    virginiac, I have tried... it's hard to see in a photo. But I'll keep trying.

    ivan, they just completed a multi-year facade renovation, so that's why it looks cleaner!

    judy, :)

    mike, thanks!

  7. What a fantastic place to live!! Imagine the tolls!


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