Saturday, October 06, 2012

Windows and doors, part five

Ok, I'll stop after this. These are the doors of the church in Montrésor. It's the Collégiale St. Jean Baptiste. Notice how the heads of the statues over the doors are missing.

Twin red doors in Montrésor.

These are the ceremonial front doors of the church. They were locked when we visited, but a side door was open for visitors. We were the only people inside that day.


  1. I am assuming there is a reason for the missing heads...presumably the beheading of St.John the Baptist.
    Love the detailed artwork.

  2. We had out own bright red front door in Wisconsin. It was wonderful. These are gorgeous and should make anyone considering a paint color to think about this cherry and cheery red!

  3. You say that you were the only people there!!! We had the same experience at the Chateau. Its kind of weird isn't it?

  4. Probably has something to do with the fact the Europeans are mostly over religion.

  5. virginiac, it had to do with the Revolution. It's not uncommon to see statues of the nobles, who were often presented as saints since they were the patrons of the church, with their heads, um, removed.

    judy, I agree!

    mary, good idea!

    leon, I guess it's just the time of year and time of day.

    starman, well, it was a Thursday...

    1. Thanks Walt, I always learn so much interesting stuff from your blog postings.

  6. Thanks for the Doors & Windows series. Loved them all though #3 is my fav


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