Sunday, October 07, 2012

You say to-MAY-to

Well, so do I. On Thursday Ken picked what may very well be the last tomato harvest of the season. He got a bucket full of ripe and ripening fruit, along with this pile of smaller tomatoes. These are called "Juliet" and they're larger than cherry tomatoes, but smaller than Italian romas.

Juliet tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness. They should all ripen up in the kitchen in the next week.

Speaking of cherry tomatoes, our plants have outdone themselves and we have way more than we can deal with. There are still hundreds of red ones out there on the vines. One can only eat so many cherry tomatoes in salads. We've also been cooking with them and making sauce with them. We'll probably pick what we can and add them into the next batch of sauce for freezing.


  1. Walt, oven dry some of the cherry toms... without splitting them open... they reduce in size by about half and become either nice chewy tomato 'sweets' or can be chucked onto slow cooked meats and veg... such as the beef stew that Ken blogged about today.
    Also, make a sauce with the Juliette and use it to cook and bottle the cherry toms... great when used as a pasta sauce.

  2. Tim, I'm already dryng the Juliette tomatoes this morning. I've got two big pans of them in the oven at 90ºC for as long as it takes. I cut the 'maters in half the long way.

  3. Remember when you had concerns on how well your summer vegetables would do because of the weather earlier this year?
    They came through for you...marvelous.

  4. Hi Walt. Been following your blog for sometime but have never commented before....

    I have just returned from southern Italy where they too seem have had an abundance of tomatoes this year. We noticed, in many places, that there were tomatoes on the ground around the base of the olive tree trunks. We finally asked about it and apparently they make excellent acidic compost. So you can still find a use for those unused ones.(guess they're not unused then are they!!)

  5. Happy end-of-tomato season (ours is ending, too), and YUCK to the hunting season that makes you have to go out in the damp dark for your morning walks with Callie

  6. Too many home-grown Juliet Tomatoes? I'll be right over... (wish I could!)

  7. A surplus of home grown tomatoes is what use to define "rich"
    I have a 'too many tomatoes' pasta sauce recipe I used to use for these embarrassing situations. I hope you have something close to it

  8. tim, that's a good idea for the cherries; we may try it.

    virginiac, yes, I remember. We've had mixed results, but overall very good, and much better than expected!

    linda, hi! Thanks for commenting! Split, rotten, and surplus 'maters do go into the compost, or just get plowed into the ground. That's probably why we have so many "volunteers" each year. :)

    judy, done for another year. And the hunting is only on Sunday and only lasts through January, so it isn't too bad.

    mary, lol!

    michael, we're so "rich!" And we do, indeed.

  9. Tomato chutney (you can use green ones as well)....

  10. Are the white things also tomatoes?


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