Monday, October 08, 2012

Pointing skyward

Here, once again, is the church in Montrésor, St. Jean Baptiste. The roof is covered with slate tiles and the spire is the tallest structure as far as the eye can see.

The roof and central bell tower and spire.

I think I already mentioned that the church was built in the sixteenth century. I didn't spend a lot of time inside, nor did I take many photos. You've seen one of these and you've pretty much seen them all. Still, here's a shot of the choir from the nave with the nice stained glass windows behind.

An interior view.


  1. That's a cute little red dormer window, don't you think? Adds a nice POP.


  2. I have spent more than enough time inside the church, so I understand what you are saying Walt. But, it is beautiful.

  3. I am naif/curious - are the churches still used for worship, or are they museum/tourist sites? I supposed this is coming from the presumption France is not particularly religious, which may be erroneous.

  4. judy, I do think so!

    bill, yup. :)

    michael, yes, there are services in the churches, but not necessarily every week in the smaller communities. The priests move around from place to place sometimes. But there are most always services for the "high" catholic holidays. And then there are weddings and funerals. Oh, and sometimes, concerts!

  5. Beautiful. Almost rivals Notre Dame.


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