Friday, October 26, 2012

A butcher/deli shop

A couple of weeks ago we happened to be in Le Grand-Pressigny, a town about an hour south of us. We took Callie out for a walk in the early evening before dark and I had an opportunity to snap some photos around town. I wasn't optimistic because the sky was overcast and it was spitting rain.

A kilo of this and a kilo of that...

I was pleasantly surprised when we got home to find that most of my photos turned out okay. This is a boucherie/charcuterie (butcher shop/deli) in town. I was drawn by the warmth of the lights inside and the woman waiting on the sole customer. I think she smiled when she noticed me outside taking the picture.


  1. That's a great photo !!
    We are so lucky to have a good butcher in the village, and the proprietors, the Poupeaus, are such lovely, charming people.

  2. And I've just left there....
    with some Paté de Campagne and some Paté de Foie....
    and then a Batard from the baker's to have with them.

  3. Would like shopping there!

  4. jean, it makes all the difference!

    pauline, :)

    tim, sounds tasty!

    judy, isn't it, though? :)

    anne marie, I've not been inside... maybe one day.

    evelyn, looks inviting!


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