Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strolling through Montrésor

From the church up on the heights, you can either walk a little farther up to the château or take the little street that winds back down along the castle's base. We chose the latter on this particular day.

Winding down through town. The bridge above the street leads to the castle.

The old town hugs the base of the château on the right bank of the river. There's a newer section of town along the main road on the other side of the castle. That's where most of the businesses (restaurants, post office, etc.) are located.


  1. The photo is so beautiful and so descriptive!

  2. Montrésor is indeed a treasure. Got to find out where this town is and put it on my (ever longer) travel list.
    Happy to find your blog!

  3. Lying in bed with mosquies buzzing
    about is torture. Don't understand
    the unwillingness to use screening
    (even you and Ken!). Or don't they
    even sell such a thing in France?

  4. It surprises me that two Americans wouldn't have screens on their windows.

  5. I've enjoyed your visit to Montresor. We must go back and explore the town again. Thanks for the guided tour.

  6. mitch, aw, shucks.

    lynn, it's worth a visit if you're in the area!

    sheila, well, screening is not standard, so you have to have it installed as a custom job... expensive and not really worth it, from my point of view.

    starman, when in France... :)

    gaynor, you bet! I need to go back, too, since I've never been inside the château.

  7. Walt: you must go in to the chateau one day -- the interior is a real time capsule from the mid-19thC, and the owners are always about and ready for a chat (look out for the man wearing shorts or tracksuit bottoms with beige business socks and carpet slippers -- he's the owner).


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