Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Windows and doors, part two

Yet another facade, right next door to yesterday's, I believe. Again, note how nothing is really fancy or high-end. But it all still works. When I do find something that's fancy and high-end, even though it looks pretty, it feels unreal to me, like a Disney set.

This little house actually looks lived in. It could also just be a storage building or garden shed. Who knows?

I know it's just an illusion, old versus new and all that. There is so much that is old in France and not abandoned, still used, still lived-in. Your eyes get used to it. Even though my house is approaching fifty years old, it looks darned new compared to much of the building stock around us.


  1. look how someone took the time to place each stone, catch the rain in the barrel, and set decorative plant pots about. can't find that just ANYWHERE!

  2. That is a cute little house...looks well taken care of too.

  3. Chouette! A real gardener must live or play here!

  4. Wouldn't you just love to see inside?

  5. I think it is rather sweet.

  6. annemarie, isn't it cool! And it's very typical.

    virginiac, I'm thinking more and more that it's a storage building. Makes it even better!

    evelyn, I agree!

    mitch, you bet.

    michael, :)

  7. New windows and doors look very attractive and just because of this our home looks very beautiful in the street. Only just because of doors and windows we can increase or decrease the show of our home. So they are the main part of the home. Without that no one home is complete. So really thankful to you for posting this blog.


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