Monday, October 22, 2012

Ice cream castles

Before our current rainy spell started, we had some nice sunny days with big puffy clouds all around. The skies were pretty dramatic.

The view from down in the valley. The vineyards are up beyond those trees.

Now, after about two weeks of rain, drizzle, fog, and general dampness, we're looking forward to a few sunny and dry days. We've still got some cleaning up to do in the yard and garden before the onset of winter.


  1. Thank you Walt.... I've now got an ear-worm!
    Lovely picture though...

  2. Pretty, fluffy clouds and a clear blue sky always make for a nice photo :)

  3. Curious to know how your basil
    in the chard/collard bed is
    holding up after the inclement

  4. And we've got the rain and overcast. But I'm sure nothing like what you get. Clouds make for much better photos!

  5. I never tire at cloud gazing

  6. tim, any time! ;)

    judy, they can hard to capture just the right way sometimes.

    sheila, it's on its last legs.

    mitch, we're coming out of 2 weeks of that. Ugh!

    john, glad to oblige!

    michael, it's better than navel gazing! :)


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