Monday, October 29, 2012

A restaurant

This little restaurant in Le Grand-Pressigny looked very inviting. I saw whom I assumed to be the chef milling around behind the bar when I was taking the picture. He actually came out to see what I was doing, so I said, "Bonjour! La lumière est très belle, n'est-ce pas?" (Hello, the light is very pretty, no?).

Chez Grand' Ma au Grand-Pressigny. The menu on the left is €17,50 and the one on the right is €20,50.

He smiled and went back in. It was way too early for him to have customers as most restaurants don't start their dinner service until around 7:30 or 8:00. He was getting things ready, I'm sure, as it was Saturday night. I wonder how full the place got? Here are the two menus:

Menu à 17,50€

Tarte fine de Ste. Maur et tomates fraîches, ou
Terrine de campagne maison et sa confiture d'oignons

Hampe de bœuf grillé, ou
Filet de lieu sauce au vin blanc

Assiette de fromages, ou

*** *** *** *** ***
Menu ã 20,50€

Terrine de chèvre et son cœur de tomates confites, ou
Tartare de saumon à l'huile vierge, ou
Salade frisée à la tourangelle et œuf poché

Cuisse de canard maigre cuisiné en confit, ou
Filet de sandre poché à la crème de safran, ou
Faux-filet grillé en Val de Loire

Assiette de fromages, ou


  1. The Staffette says not very full, Walt... she reckons that they don't change the menu often enough... they do much more trade at lunchtimes.
    You could have called in for a coffee though... and Callie would have been welcomed too!

  2. We also find it disappointing that the menu doesn't change very often. BUT, we eat there regularly because it's there. We work on the principle that if you don't use it you will lose it and it's nice to be able to go to a restaurant without driving anywhere. There is a lovely courtyard where you can eat outdoors on summer evenings.

    As Ron Ron says, the lunchtime service is very busy and good value too.

  3. I'll take the assiette de fromage, s'il vous plaît.

  4. My school boy French does not recognise much on the menu, but by golly, they sound good.

  5. Walt, I've been wondering what makes a tarte "fine." I ate a delicious one (Tarte fin a la tomate et lavande) and wasn't sure what made it a "fine" instead of a regular.

  6. The sandre is excellent, my staff often have it but there's never any for me! It's a fish - pike-perch - and an alien game/farmed fish that has escaped into the wild in France (and in the UK). "Lieu" is fish too - pollack.

  7. I think I'd pay the extra €3 to get more choice.

  8. ron ron, I'm sure your staff are right.

    jean, a nice lunch on a warm sunny day sounds great! Especially right now...

    anne marie, I thought so!

    judy, coming right up...

    andrew, everything always sounds better in French, n'est-ce pas!

    carolyn, I'm not sure, but I suspect it's a very thin tarte, with perfectly arranged thinly sliced toppings, unlike a filled tart or a custard tarte.

    starman, especially if you don't really want what's on the other menu, it's not a big price difference.


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