Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The last flowers

For this year, at least. There are still a few hangers-on as we have not had any real cold weather yet. November should bring us a few frosts and that should do in these last wildflowers.

The fields are increasingly tan and brown, but a few spots of color remain.

November also brings us high-pressure temperature inversions. The result of that is often very still air, thick with dripping fog, keeping daylight hours a leaden grey, and crisp, clear nights.


  1. Odd you should write "often very still air, thick with dripping fog" 'cos that's just what I am looking at as I type... grim! But, hey, if it was sunny all the time.... we just wouldn't appreciate it.

  2. We've had some lovely color on the trees out there this year. We weren't quite sure what to expect, after the drought and severely high temperatures this summer. We haven't had a huge wind and rain storm yet to blow off all of the leaves, so many trees look really nice :)

  3. We don't get much color change in the trees in South Florida (I'm not sure about Northern Florida).

  4. The bright yellow is in sharp contrast to the greys and browns in the background (almost like the sun if you should see it at all on a dark day). You've done a nice job in showing off the burgundy stems as well as the new green growth under the bloom. Well done.

  5. You make sticky lettuce look really attractive!

  6. tim, we had the same, but it cleared off to bright sunshine after a short while. Sticky lettuce!

    judy, yeah, that wind and rain dumps all the leaves at once. I'm waiting for that...

    starman, I'm not sure about northern Florida, either. ;)

    mary, thanks!


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