Saturday, October 13, 2012

The woods at Chenonceau

The famous Château de Chenonceau spans the Cher River not far from where we live. We find ourselves taking guests there frequently. It's probably the castle I've been in the most these past nine-plus years.

A typical scene in the forest at Chenonceau.

But the entry fee is not cheap and, while guests will often pay my way (which is very kind indeed), we sometimes don't really want to go inside and shuffle around with all the other tourists in high season. As an alternative, there is a path on the left bank of the river that takes you right up to the castle. On one side of the path is the river and on the other is part of the castle's forest park. You can walk right up to the building and touch it, but you can't enter. It's great when you just want to see the outside of the castle without the hassle.

The walking path, river on the left, forest on the right.

The castle is not otherwise visible from any road as it sits back in its park and gardens, away from town. It's definitely worth paying the entry fee and seeing it once in your life, but the walk is free and the castle is just as impressive either way.

More trees.

I'll show you the castle itself tomorrow. Of course, you can always click on the "chenonceau" label just below and you'll get all the posts I've done about the castle.


  1. Hello Walt,
    This was the first French Château I visited, it is a very special place. When we lived in that area, we must have visited the château more than 10 times. We never got to visit the grounds, so thanks!

  2. I relaxed just looking at your photos!

  3. I prefer the castle without the hassle;-) Maybe your water is brown because the firemen flushed out the hydrants this morning-that's what happens to us sometimes.

  4. I love these forest-y views. I want to see Chenonceau some time-- but, I'll need to go in :)

  5. Looks very peaceful. The serenity must be very refreshing.

  6. You might want to let your water run for a long time before trying to use it.

  7. We went your way to Chenonceau about this time last year, after visiting from the front side (very busy). The view was lovely, but there was a great horde of people out running, who seemed surprised by us and our car. And quite a few dog walkers - it was a fine Sunday afternoon after lunch.

  8. Are there any local fairy folk, elves and such?

  9. ivan, it is a must-see place, that's true.

    mitch, ahhhhhh!

    evelyn, me too! Actually, the water was brown because there was a break in the main down near town. They fixed it up pretty fast.

    judy, yes, you should!

    mike, when it's not crowded, it's great.

    starman, oh yes.

    harry, if the weather is nice, the local folks like to spend time down there picnicking and otherwise recreating. On wet weekdays, it's nearly deserted.

    michael, a couple of fairies every now and then, yes. ;)

  10. Those are beautiful pics. One doesn't see such a forest here in southeast Texas. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your outings with pictures.


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