Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amboise awnings

The sun came out enough to brighten up these awnings along the rue Nationale in Amboise. The central street in town is for pedestrians only and is lined with inviting shops, cafés, and eateries. It's not all tourist-oriented, especially as you get farther from the castle.

Colorful storefronts in Amboise.

Amboise's population is about 12,500, so there are a good many people in town to support local commerce. The tourists do their share, of course, as Amboise and its château overlooking the Loire River draw large crowds. Not to mention the huge Sunday market along the river which pulls in shoppers from all over the region.


  1. I see that yellow awning from "L'Occitane", a store that I like. There is even one in Birmingham, Alabama now, but it doesn't have such a nice awning.

  2. The sun on the awnings makes this photo! Where does one get pumpkin ravioli?

  3. evelyn, that store shows up wherever there are tourists, it seems.

    starman, I make the ravioli myself with pumpkin from the garden. But I'm sure you could buy it someplace this time of year.

    victor, thanks!

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