Friday, October 19, 2012

Amboise amicable

I don't take very many people pictures, especially of people I don't know. But once in a while the opportunity presents itself. I was far enough away that these people really didn't notice me, and I was at the foot of the château where several other people were taking pictures.

Souvenir place mats for sale at the shop next door.

If you're going to hang out in a tourist hot spot, you're going to end up in more than a few tourist photos! An hour or two earlier and this place would have been filled with people eating lunch. When I got there it was mid-afternoon and there were just these few stragglers finishing up.


  1. every time I see those grapes (in your image of the week), I wanna pick and eat some.

    and pumpkin ravioli...homemade even! what sauce will you use, if any?

  2. How much more French could this picture look? Not very! Little baskets of baguette pieces, casual bottle of wine, souvenir shop, nice outside terrasse chairs around little tables-- even the attractive, slim young waitress with cutely pursed lips pronouncing some French vowel! Great shot :)

  3. Judith you are funny! (At first, I thought the waitress was a mannequin).

  4. I love sneaking those people pictures every now and then. I thought at first the waitress was a mannaquin!

  5. Or perhaps a cardboard cutout???
    Just kidding.
    This place looks so familiar. There always seems to be those revolving metal racks with touristy items (postcards, placemats, ...) nearby so after I order a snack or a drink I can peruse them to make sure I do not miss any historical/touristy locale in the area.

  6. Interesting how all the women are faced in more or less the same direction.

  7. So now I know where to get pumpkin ravioli.

  8. anne marie, don't they look good! The sauce was cream and butter with chopped fresh sage. Tasty!

    judy, très français !

    nadege, mannequin in the american sense or the french?

    mitch, she was very real! Although I've experienced some wait staff that behaved like mannequins...

    mary, good idea!

    victor, I have no idea what they were looking at...

    starman, my house!


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