Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monet I'm not

The lily pads floating in the lazy Indrois River reminded me of Claude Monet. There were even several arched foot bridges over the river, similar to the one in Giverney made famous by the painter. And although this photo in no way resembles a Monet painting, it reminds me of that.

A few of the hundreds of lily pads I saw in the river. Click to impressionate.

The warm and wet weather we've been having for a few days now has started the grass growing again. In fact, weeds of all kinds are popping up all around, in the yard, in the garden, in the vineyard, and in the woods. The next dry stretch we get will see me out with the lawnmower, maybe for the last time this year.


  1. Your blog is a work of art, Walt. You pay attention to the colors and the arrangement, and it all looks great together.

    I'll be curious to know (after all of the rain you've just had), whether or not you are still having leaking problems upstairs? Did the fix that was done recently repair the issue?


  2. Should indeed be the last mowing. When is
    the hedge going to be clipped?

  3. no you are not Monet thats for sure... but the photo is a pleasing one!

  4. judy, you are too kind. So far (keeping my fingers crossed) so good. No sign of leaks!

    sheila, the guy called us on the one day we were out and wanted to come over to do the job, but since we weren't here... So he's going to call again when the weather clears up.

    john, if I were Monet, I'd be dead!

    cheryl, lol!


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