Sunday, October 28, 2012

A flower shop

Are you noticing a theme here? This is a fleuriste (florist) in Le Grand-Pressigny. And, again, I didn't see anyone in this shop. Although, I'm certain that if I had gone inside, someone would have immediately shown up to help me.

Lots of plants and flowers to choose from. Flowers are a typical "hostess gift" in France.

We just had a beautiful Saturday. Sunny skies, but cold. We turned on the central heating in the morning and I got a fire going in the wood stove, of course, in the afternoon. I guess we're in fire season now.


  1. Everyone seems to go in via the graineterie door... they even tried making people go in via the door in this picture and out via the main door earlier this year... but no one did!
    People do buy the flowers and plants though... the two shops are run by the same family... and the cash desk is where the main door is... and there is only ever one person around... so everything continues as it did... this is rural France...

  2. They also sell guns and ammunition, fishing licenses, maggots, and live chickens !!

  3. I am enjoying all these lovely photos of the various shops in the village...thanks for posting.

  4. It's amazing how an image of a flower shop like this immediately says "France." So beautiful.

  5. These little shops are so pretty they almost seem unreal, like illustrations from a book for children...

  6. I don't see a clock widget on the right side of your blog, just "our current weather", and it is cold.
    It is fire season here too, just because of the Santa Ana winds. : )'

  7. my goodness... the inside of that shop is slightly psychedelic

  8. Anyone who reads your blog and Ken's who enjoys traveling to France must be in a constant battle to keep themselves from booking tickets for the next flight! Storefronts that for the most part are taken care of so immaculately with just the right attention to color, outdoor merchandise and signage have always encouraged me stop to admire, possibly enter, and usually to photograph them. Your photos in the past few days have been so enjoyable for those reasons. They are so inviting I will just have to keep a record of them so I can one day view them with my own eyes. Merci, Walt.

  9. Never mind! I saw the very small widget.

  10. What l like most about these photos is the idea behind them stores are small, independent, and personal. There are no chain stores. I miss stores like this.

  11. tim, interesting...

    jean, as every florist should! ;)

    virginiac, glad you're enjoying them!

    mitch, I agree.

    kristi, I know what you mean. But they're very real!

    nadege, I see you found it!

    john, slightly!

    mary, shop windows in France are an art form.

    michael, yes. But there are plenty of chains, usually just outside the towns in shopping centers with plenty of free parking. Ugh. The small stores are serving fewer and fewer people these days.


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