Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still a few flowers left

I like the red stems of this flower against the straw-colored grasses behind. The wildflowers are withering and their seeds are scattering. It's time to be thinking about preparing the yard and garden for winter.

These look like fall colors to me. Click to steminate.

We should be able to work outdoors for another six weeks or more. I'd like to cut what remains of the grass (mostly weeds and weed-flower stalks at this point) one more time this season. It's actually more a matter of mulching up some of the fallen leaves than anything else. We contracted with someone to do the hedge trimming this year (yippee) so, once I'm done with the firewood, I can turn my attentions to other winterizing chores.


  1. I'm really glad for you that you've contracted with someone else to do the hedge trimming. Sometimes, that's the best move, I think.

    That rose is gorgeous!

  2. Hopefully you can say good-bye to future backpain! I'm happy for you, too.

  3. Being color-blind is not fun!

  4. Heavens ! Here we are just getting rid of seeing 100 degree days - 'fall' is just beginning !


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