Sunday, September 09, 2012


The vineyards behind our house are part of a patchwork of fields and woods, depending on which way the slopes run and how the land drains down to the river. In some places the vines abut the woods' edge, in others they are adjacent to fields of grasses and wildflowers.

Tall grasses and wildflowers on the left, grape vines on the right.

Wherever the vines end, there is a strip of land that's kept clear for access by tractors and other vehicles. If the vineyard is next to a field, there may also be a mowed strip next to that before the tall grasses take over, like in the photo above. I took this one just after sunrise and there were dark clouds on the northern horizon beyond.


  1. Walt

    US Open delayed due to weather - two tornadoes hit NYC on Saturday
    Women's final today plus the men's semis with Men's final on Monday

  2. Looks like a nice place for a walk.

  3. t.b., thanks, yes, I heard. Ken checked it out for me. We saw the Murray semi-final (recorded). I'll be recording the final Monday night.

    starman, it certainly is!


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