Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rain is on the way

The weather situation is weird right now. Today, Sunday, we're supposed to have a high near 29ºC (that's about 84ºF). It has something to do with the remnants of a tropical system that's moving up through Spain. I'm not sure it will get that warm, but you never know.

Grey days ahead.

Then, on Monday, we're expecting to drop back into normal fall temperatures and a few days of rain. The rain is good news, as we haven't had much at all in two months. The garden will certainly enjoy that. Of course, it'll put a damper on my finishing up the wood-cutting. I won't do any today because we're not supposed to use noisy power tools on Sunday (although technically I'm allowed between 10:00am and noon, but I don't like to make the noise if I don't absolutely have to).


  1. oh dear, I can feel some more of my autumn rants coming on

  2. Great job on the tomato sauce and pepper purée project. Yummm-oh!


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