Saturday, September 29, 2012

At the sign of the baker

Old-fashioned business signs have not gone out of style in France. They never look out of place and many are quite clever. This one is on a bakery in Montrichard. It's a stylized baker taking fresh baguettes out of the wood-fired oven. And I'll wager that this is not an old sign, but a rather modern one done in the old style.

The Dungeon Bakery in Montrichard. Check out the baker's shoes!

In our town, the barber, Madame Barbier, has a sign shaped like a pair of scissors outside her shop.


  1. I would much rather see these signs than garish neon flashers.

  2. Love that sign....there's no denying what kind of shop it is with that sign outside.

  3. I don't think they used color in the old ones.

  4. Yes, I like the sign, but were you enticed inside to try some of their products? I might have after seeing that cute sign.


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