Thursday, September 27, 2012

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie loves her socks. That is, she loves our socks, once they're holey and tied up together. She has learned that all socks are not equal. She won't go for the socks we wear and haphazardly leave on the floor. But once the socks have holes in them, we tie them together and give them to Callie. Then they're hers.

The Sock Queen, resting with her bounty under the coffee table. How cute is that!

She loves to "play sock." That is, she'll pick up her sock, shake it back and forth a few times, then tease me to come and try to snatch it from her. When I manage to get a hold of it, we play tug'o'war for a bit. Then, if I win, I toss the sock into the air and she catches it. She lets me win from time to time, just so she can catch the sock in the air. I'm convinced of it.


  1. Try shutting her outside the room and hiding the socks... then letting her in and telling her to find them. I used to do this with my BC on a regular basis. It is fun for us humans to watch and is good brain work for the collie... it is also very interesting to see how a scent dog opperates... by the third time, you will notice how the first hiding places are quickly checked for freshness of the scent and "logged out" of the hunt.

    1. I meant to add that after a while, Jake used to dump the toy at my feet and leave the room of his own accord!!

  2. Hello,
    Callie is adorable! Our pug does the same with new socks and will try to pull socks off if you are putting them on! Thank you for the smile!

  3. Awwwwwwwww there's just about nothing cuter than a Callie the Collie photo (especially with socks) :))

  4. That is such a cute photo...the ultimate Sock Queen guarding her treasured stash.
    Callie is a real good dog....give her an ear rub for me.

  5. Beautiful photo of Callie! Thanks for sock hiding idea, Tim. Our grand dog Rosie will be with us for the next 12 days and I will see if a poodle will play "find the sock".

  6. There's nothing like dog - human - games. My cat and I like to play hide and seek with a shoelace. I worry that if he ever comes in contact with a snake ... he won't be able to resist trying to play.

  7. dogs and their toys.... they never fail in making me smile...
    dogs make a house a home don't you think>?

  8. What a terrific photo. She has such beautiful eyes.

  9. looks like fun; inexpensive and you are recycling too!


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