Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apples for a pie

I didn't take any pictures of the pie... sorry. But I did take some shots of the apples while the crust was blind-baking. I made the pie on Tuesday. Some apples were already on the stove cooking down to a puree while these waited to be peeled and sliced for the top of the pie.

Apples called "delblush tentation," a variety I've only seen recently in our supermarket.

It turned out very tasty. Not much time will pass before I make another, I'm sure. Friday's weather was what they call un ciel de traîne, meaning alternating giboulées (showers) and sunny spots. The showers were more like squalls with wind and heavy rain. I had to time Callie's afternoon walk so that we wouldn't get caught in a downpour.


  1. A piece of apple pie would go well with Ken's barbecue!

  2. Ken is probably eating lots of apple pie, with relatives and friends thinking it is unobtainable in France and he would have missed American apple pie.

  3. So tell me, did you eat the entire pie? With such delicious looking apples, it must have been quite tasty. Save me a slice from the next one you

  4. (waiting by the internet, mouth open, for a slice)

  5. Any more water intrusion in your kitchen with the latest squalls?
    I'm all for "une table bien arrosée", but not like you had a few weeks ago.

  6. Are they apples you kept from last year?

  7. Gorgeous picture, and I'll bet the pie was mouth-watering. But what is "blind-baking"? Don't recognize that term.

  8. I don't know diddly about apples, but they look very good.

  9. Walt,

    That reminds me, time for another homemade apple pie. Yummy!

    Retired in Delaware

  10. nadege, I agree!

    andrew, oh, he knows it's obtainable in France. I make French-style apple tarts most of the time, but I have been known to make an American-style apple pie now and then.

    virigniac, well, I could have, but no. I took it to friends at whose home I was invited for a meal.

    anne marie, downloading... 15 seconds remaining... 3 minutes remaining... 2 seconds remaining... 10 minutes remaining... LOL

    dean, luckily, no. I was expecting some with the downpours we had, but we're dry. Thankfully.

    craig, nope. We had a lousy apple crop last year. These are from Super U.

    emm, blind-baking is pre-cooking the crust with nothing in it. It helps to avoid the soggy-bottom syndrome.

    starman, there are so many varieties available these days, it's confusing!

    michael, oh, did he like apples? ;)

    ron, it's almost always time, eh?


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