Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, he's back

Ken's return trip to France apparently went well. I'm sure he'll write about it on his blog. For my part, all I had to to was drive over to Vierzon to pick him up, about 45 minutes from here. it was a very pleasant drive and his train from Paris was essentially on time, just a few minutes behind schedule.

Grape hyacinth in our front yard. This close-up shows the flowers' white tips quite nicely.

The weather people were right; it did cool down. But it's not cold, and when the sun shines it feels fine outside. The muscari (grape hyacinth) are looking very nice in the yard now, but they will soon be done and gone to seed. A few years back I transplanted some from the back yard to the patch of grass outside our front door and they're doing very well there. In fact, they're spreading every year. I love garden successes.


  1. Lovely macro shot of the Muscari....
    depth of field shows the individual flowers nicely.

  2. Glad he's back safe and sound. Now you can both get on with enjoying the spring and summer together.

  3. Lovely photo of the muscari! This year we've discovered ours have created a few new 'colonies' so they are spreading a little.
    Good that Ken arrived safe & sound :-)

  4. Vous êtes réunis, tout est donc pour le mieux ;-)

  5. You and Callie must be overjoyed to have Ken back home.
    As soon as he gets over his jet lag, give him the remaining chores on the To Do list to

  6. Lovely, just lovely. I would like to see a picture of you Walt taking this picture. :)
    Retired in Delaware

  7. Very pretty. One can easily see why they're called Grape Hyacinth.


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