Monday, April 22, 2013

What an ass

This is one of two donkeys that hang out in the pasture next to the vineyard behind our house. The second one is a recent addition as there was only one for years. We don't know the people who own them as their house is on the next road over. The pasture is across the ravine and through the woods from their back yard.

He (or she) came up to fence and let me pet his nose. Callie stayed away.

I think the donkeys have a barn or other shelter on the other side of the ravine because they're not always in the pasture. Wherever they are, we can often hear the classic "hee-haw" when they bray.


  1. Very sweet donkey...

  2. Ahhhh, and yet another blog post title worthy of a prize :) (I don't have a prize for you, mind you, but it's worthy of one!)

  3. Love it when I hear donkey talk! This little guy looks like he's living the good life in France and taking care of the grass cutting in his field. 100 years ago he would have been employed and had a wagon to pull.

  4. Open house at the donkey farm in Angé this coming weekend. The "de ferme en ferme" link has the hours.
    You haven't lived until you milk a donkey!
    Donkey Farm Open House

  5. Great photo. I have a German cousin who lives in Southern France with her husband and their pet ass. At least that's what I think she said. (The ass supposedly spends the winter in their sun room.)

  6. funny, that top pix looks something like our congress! ;-)


  7. Great tab in my browser:
    "WCS: What an ass"
    I call 'em as I see 'em.

  8. Yes indeed...what an ass!
    Only you Walt, would come up with such a catchy caption.

  9. I knew sooner or later you'd geet around to showing us your ass!

  10. I've always loved donkeys. I'm sure I was on in a previous life.



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