Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who's up for a game?

I like this sign on the bridge. It points toward the western end of the island and a bit of ground that's made for a game of boules, also known as pétanque and similarly, in Italian, bocce. I've only ever played once. It was the first year we lived here at a party hosted by our neighbors across the street. I was asked to join a game.

I love the little green man tossing a ball and the other balls at his feet. I know enough to know that if those balls are at his feet, he's not going to win anything.

Well, I had had plenty of wine at that point in the afternoon and had no idea how to play, but I had no inhibitions and joined the game. The guys laughed at my foreign lack of skill and more than once told me to just throw the ball "over there," which I did. More laughter. But once or twice I apparently made a good play, although I'm not sure how. At least, that's how I (almost) remember it.


  1. bocce is still played here by groups of italian men. looks interesting, but I have never played. probably cause I am not italian by heritage.

  2. As soon as the rains come in, and I have a green lawn again, I'll be getting out my Bocce balls for a game.

  3. There's a place to play bocce in Los Gatos. We went there several times as a "team building" outing from work. It was fun. It's one of the few games one can play without possessing any athletic ability. The pizza, beer, and wine weren't bad either!

  4. I've seen it played many times, but have never played myself. But I do kind of understand it and know a good "toss" when I see one.

  5. We've got a club here in Eugene that I've been playing with for over 4 years, now. There are a few other women but mostly men and we also have 3 large high school clubs that we interact with during late spring and summer. Pétanque is more strategic and challenging than Bocce. If there is a club near you, I eagerly suggest you give it another try! A very relaxing, low-stress game as long as the other players aren't professionals! When I play it reminds me of France and that is a GOOD THING!

  6. i have three questions

    where it is
    when it was created
    and i do not know what i want to ask because i dont know and i love that place because it's cool and I never went there so i dont know but i love it more than mc donals


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