Friday, April 12, 2013

Power wash

On Sunday I used our Kärcher power washer to clean the deck tiles. After the summer season and the wet winter, the tiles are caked with dirt and algae. Yuck. So in the spring they need to be cleaned. I used to use a stiff deck brush and a bucket full of detergent. But two years ago we got the power washer, and now cleaning the deck is a breeze.

I'm really looking forward to spending time out here this spring, summer, and fall. If I'm lucky...

Since I cleaned the deck, it's been raining. There's been a bit of sun, but it's not been warm enough to actually sit outside. Still, I brought up the patio furniture. Sunday is promising to be warm and sunny. Who knows; I may be able to have lunch on the deck for the first time this season.


  1. I would LOVE to have that view and that deck; it looks so inviting and peaceful!

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if winter had finally come to an end?

  3. I agree with Jean there...
    it has been particularly foul the last couple of days...
    all the April Showers joined together!...
    but there is some sunshine today...
    [at the moment anyways]...
    Even the trees aren't greening up properly yet...
    it is horribly depressing.

  4. The forecast for the coming week looks very nice. Clear, warm, sunny. Here in N.C., it's been hot for a few days but we are supposed to have thunder storms and rain today.

  5. Looks wonderful!
    So-- does this step in the marriage equality issue in France mean that your marriage will be legally recognized in France this year?

  6. The clean deck looks great....hope the weather cooperates so you can enjoy it.
    What is the psi of your power washer? It did a good job.

  7. Glad to read that "marriage equality" passed. France is now civilized.

  8. Yay for marriage equality in France now!

  9. Clear and sunny in NC.
    Too hot in DC according to some : 90F two days ago
    and we are experiencing some snow mixed with small pellets or drizzle depending where you are in the north.

  10. I wish I could use a hose on my balcon. YAY for gays in France. Maybe someday, after the rest of the world, the US will awaken!!! But don't hold your breath.

  11. I'm just wondering how you're going to get all of us seated on that clean balcony? Surely you aren't going to have lunch alone once the weather turns warm and the tiles are spotless! Nice work, Walt!

  12. anne marie, it is, until the weedeaters and lawnmowers get going!

    jean, soon, we hope. Soon.

    tim, maybe we've seen the last of it now?

    ken, you missed a miserable 2 weeks here.

    judy, I think it's too soon to tell. I've looked at the text of the law which states that France will recognize marriage from other countries where it's legal, but that doesn't address the current situation in the US where it's legal in some states but not in others. Maybe if the Supreme Court rules in our favor, things will be clearer.

    virginiac, I have no idea; I got rid of the box. That said, it would probably be in metric and I'd have to convert it.

    nadege, getting there. There's still the promised UMP appeals to the Conseil Constitutionnel, but the president of the CC is already on record as saying that he believes the issue to be a legislative one and not a constitutional one.

    evelyn, yay!

    t.b., even in Montréal I'm sure the snow is getting old!

    starman, no hose because it would send water onto neighbors?

    ron, especially when the sun is out!

    mary, oh, we'll manage somehow. We have more chairs... ;)

  13. RYN: Too far to run a water line, I suppose. We're on the third floor.


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