Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's apple blossom time

Our apple trees are in flower now. Last year they didn't flower at all, and we had very few apples (almost none). This year looks like it'll be back to thousands of apples. That will need to be picked up off the ground every time I cut the grass.

Blossoms on one of our four apple trees.

Some will make it into pies, others into apple jelly. Most will go into the compost pile.


  1. Why not get an apple press and make your own apple juice, cider and cider vinegar...
    great blossom picture...

    Sorry, Walt...!!

  2. still cold here also; I put the heat on at night for better sleeping, but turn it off during the day.

    and I second tim's post; my MIL used to make homemade chunky applesauce and freeze it. in the winter, a taste of spring from her freezer was mere steps away!

  3. How many apple trees do you have?

  4. That's a super close up!

  5. tim, we do seem to taking lots of flower photos right now. It's what's going on.

    anne marie, I do just the opposite... heat in the morning, off at night. I like to sleep in a cold room.

    starman, we've got four now (the fifth one bit the dust a few years ago).

    craig, thanks!

  6. We're surrounded by commercial apple orchards but the weather here (Eastern U.K) has been cold for so long that we've still no blossom, so thank you for the photo it's giving me hope!


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