Monday, April 15, 2013

Au ras des pâquerettes

These little daisies are called pâquerettes in French. I suppose it's because they appear around the time of Pâques (Easter). Right now our lawn (!) is filled with them. These, and a few other wild flowers and weeds. Oh, and there's some grass, too.

These flowers are so short that most of them survive the lawnmower.

Sunday was as glorious a day as we were promised. I had the doors and windows open, I sat out on the deck a lot, and needed nothing more than a t-shirt. This morning is the first morning since last fall that I have not turned on the central heating. I even slept with a window open.Today is not going to be as nice, but it won't be bad, either.


  1. Wasn't yesterday wonderful! I spent the afternoon outdoors with the botany club.

  2. Ditto -- Yesterday was gorgeous. I planted some seeds and put them under some protection for the night (I don't trust this warm spell) and spent a long moment in the yard, reading among the little daisies. Today, it's not cold, but it's gray and drizzly.

  3. Fine weather here too. Yesterday we went to see the cherry blossoms at Kenwood, a beautiful neighborhood on the northwestern edge of DC, and then went on to a botanic garden full of early-spring flowers. The good weather brought out hordes of people.

  4. Walt,

    Daisies are always so fresh looking. For some reason I have trouble growing daisies on my property. The bugs eat them before they even bloom. Yours are lovely.

    Retired in Delaware

  5. Hopefully the mercury will go as high as 22C on Friday. Crossing our fingers.
    May go out to fertilize the cedar hedge tomorrow on the promise from weather Canada that it will be sunny and then raining ( helpful for the slow dilution of the granules) the following day.

  6. Yesterday was glorious and the forecast shows that Wednesday might be almost as good. So nice to have sun :-)

  7. If I had a lawn full of flowers like these, I wouldn't worry about the grass or the weeds.

  8. We've been having some wonderful days here and there, too (followed, of course, by de rigueur heavy showers, thunderstorms, hail, and cold temps!).

  9. susan, it certainly was! And Wednesday looks like another gorgeous day.

    anne marie, merci, madame !

    ellen, I suspect we're likely to have a few more chilly mornings...

    carolyn, oh, that sounds nice!

    ron, these are more or less wild. I do nothing to them except to mow over them.

    t.b., I'll cross my fingers for you.

    n&a, the warmth feels right nice!

    starman, oh, I don't worry. Much. lol

    judy, that seems to be the spring pattern this year. At least we're getting the warm stuff now instead of just all the other. ;)

  10. Hello from North Carolina.
    The storm for the weekend announce a lot of rain so we hope for a lot of sunny days for the daisies in the garden. Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Hello from North Carolina.
    The storm for the weekend announce a lot of rain so we hope for sunny days for the daisies in the garden , next week ..
    Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    Have a Nice Sunday .


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