Saturday, April 06, 2013

Not much to report

Friday was a cold, wet, gray day. Dreary, gloomy. A real downer. I didn't do much. I balanced the checking account. I made lunch (leftover meatloaf with french fries). I emptied the fryer and loaded the parts into the dishwasher. I poured the used oil into bottles for recycling.

Things had begun to dry out, but now it's wet again. Great mushroom weather.

Otherwise, I'm just hanging out, watching television (cooking shows, tennis, documentaries), tooling around on the internet, and walking Callie. Most of the chores on my list are best done in nice weather, and well, we're not having any at the moment. The good news is that the long-range forecast for next week is looking more like spring. Let's hope it's accurate.


  1. It looks like spring will arrive just as we go back home.
    Still, we've had more sun here than we would have had there.

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  3. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, that next week will be the beginning of "real" spring weather.

  4. What a great photographer to get those mushrooms to line up for your photo!
    Yep, inside activities like you mentioned are on my plate for a few days of rain, as well. Enjoy it while we can, when the good weather comes back, more physical labor awaits us, right?

  5. Poor Walt. It is somewhat disconcerting when your other half takes off for a week or two, isn't it? I feel the same.
    Now stop using the weather as an excuse and get busy :)

  6. Maybe the moles had too many mushrooms.

  7. jean, yes, the sun last week was very nice. I miss it.

    jmsc, Olá e bem vindo!

    virginiac, we sure hope so. Looks like it's gonna be wet again.

    mary, it's easy, they don't move too fast.

    craig, but it's coooooooold.

    starman, hmmmm....


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