Monday, April 01, 2013

Bon voyage

Ken leaves today for a trip to the US. He'll be visiting his mom and other family members for a couple of weeks. That leaves me, Callie, and Bert at home. I should get a little more exercise than normal with two walks a day while Ken's gone.

A bit of brick embedded in the vineyard road.

I have a whole list of chores I want to get done, but some of them require a bit of warm weather. The forecast is not great, but we'll see how it goes. At least we're having some sun now.


  1. Sounds like you will be very busy while Ken's away - could need a holiday yourself by the time he gets back!

  2. It was chilly first thing...
    I agree...
    but now the Sun is up and has his hat on...
    is warming up rapidly.

  3. Hi Walt,
    It's only on the iPad that the clock doesn't show. Another big minus for that stupid thing! No problem with the MacBookPro.

  4. Sun here too Walt. Maybe Spring has finally arrived. I may go out today and buy more daffodils. Yes, I know I plant them at the wrong time but at least I know where the "holes" are now. In the fall it's too hard plus I'm usually not in the mood for planting. I'm loving that Spring is finally here as I am sure you are too.

    Retired in Delaware

  5. Hope you don't get too lonely. I do notice how many more things there are to do (especially with the animals and garden) when Mitch goes out of town.

  6. As much yard work and wood chopping as you do, I wouldn't think you would need more exercise.

  7. I suggest sleeping for several weeks rather.

  8. jean, what a good idea! Of course, I'm always on holiday...

    tim, the sun always makes a difference, if nothing else, for the spirits.

    chm, oh, iSee. ;)

    ron, maybe I should try your method. I never remember where to plant in the fall.

    ginny, I'll muddle through!

    starman, I've got to do something to counter the wine and food!

    michael, not when "there's work to be done!"

  9. CHM, bonjour, are you looking at the mobile layout when you open the blog on your iPad? It's different from and simpler than the full computer layout displayed on a monitor or laptop display. I don't see Walt's clock when I open his blog on my tablet.

  10. Oops, now I notice that I don't see the clock on the tablet when I display the full blog layout. That clock must be incoompatible with the tablet OSes.


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