Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wheels down

As I type this, at 6:30 this morning, Ken's plane has landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. I got up at six and checked the tracking site on the internet and watched as the plane made its final approach and landed. I last saw the plane at 1:00 this morning as it was just approaching Nova Scotia.

Airline contrails above the vineyard behind our house, looking north. You can tell which direction Paris is!

So now he'll de-plane, go through immigration and baggage claim, then head toward a train to home. He has several train options depending on how quickly things go, so he'll call me at some point to tell me where and when to pick him up.


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  2. Ken's holiday went by pretty quickly....I'm sure he's glad to be back home.

  3. Enjoy! I imagine he's home by now, as it's 6:23 a.m. here in St. Louis, so afternoon chez vous.

  4. I know 3 people who will be glad to have ken home again! :)

  5. glad Bertie's ok....cats lead such mysterious lives

  6. Jean and I are renting an apartment in Paris next month. I'm looking forward to the stay there, but the flight is long and miserable from Seattle. Maybe we should move to Charlotte for the non-stops to CDG.

  7. How did the kist of chores go Walt? All done I hope! P.

  8. Welcome home to Ken... lots of catching up to do.

  9. His plane got in at 06h30? Good grief, what time did he leave the US?

  10. virginiac, there's no place like home...

    judy, yes, when that comment showed up he was home. Got to the house about 11:30am on Thursday.

    anne marie, lol

    melinda, I wonder how many lives he has left?

    dean, when and where? I may have to go to Paris next month, maybe we can meet up for a drink?

    tim, most got done, a couple didn't. But there's still time!

    craig, yup!

    starman, the plane took off from NC at around 5pm the day before. Overnight flight.

  11. I'm around -- in the city every week, on Tuesday, for my afternoon stint at the American Library.

    1. ellen, cool! I'll let you know once I figure out the schedule.


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