Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let the river run

The river is pretty full right now. Not that you can tell from this picture (it was taken over a week ago). But all the rain we had last week is moving through. Since then, as the temperatures warmed up, the trees have accelerated their flowering and leaf production and things are starting to look more spring-like.

The south branch of the Cher seen from the St.-Aignan-Noyers bridge. The land on the right is the island in the river.

Meanwhile, I'm getting the grass cut and the laundry is getting done. Today we're expecting a very warm day, but then the weekend is supposed to be cooler. Not cold, but more seasonable. Can't complain about that.


  1. Lovely peaceful big is the island in the river?
    Hope you've left back some chores for Ken.

  2. That's a beautiful photo. The water looks rather high, is there much flooding along there?

  3. Lovely river. I read your back posts and enjoyed the one about la ligne de démarcation. I remember my mother telling me that she had to go through it several times and was not sure where it was.

  4. virginiac, the island has a park on the eastern (upriver) end, and the municipal swimming pools (indoor and out) are on near the bridge on the western (downriver) end along with a large number of garden allotments for the citizens of St.-Aignan. It's a narrow island, but pretty long. If you use Google maps, you can probably see it there.

    starman, thanks. There are places where the river floods regularaly, but seldom are any buildings threatened.

    vagabonde, thanks! She must have some interesting stories.


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