Saturday, April 20, 2013

More flowers

I was lucky on Friday afternoon. I went out for my walk with Callie around 5:30 and, while there were some big puffy clouds in the sky, we had a very nice sunny walk. Not fifteen minutes after we got back a huge thundercloud came over and the wind picked up.

I think this is called céraiste langue d'oiseau (stellaria holostea) in French, bird's tongue in English (thanks, Tim!).

We got lightning and thunder, and just a little bit of rain. It was pretty and kind of exciting, but my walk would have been much less pleasant had I got caught under that cloud.


  1. 2:30a here and raining and 52F. look at the detail in that flower!

  2. Another great flower piccy....
    it is Greater Stitchwort [Stellaria holostea] Stellaire holostée...
    which, although it is common, gives a beautiful carpet of white at the roadsides at this time of the year...
    along with Meadow Saxifrage.
    With Mouse-Ear, the petals are shorter and broader...
    and without that deep cut...
    it is more of a v-shape in Mouse-Ear.

  3. You guys certainly have a lot of flowers around your place.

  4. Another beautiful flower and photo-that is new to me. Very detailed arrangement and one I will pass on to my artist friend who is going to try her hand at botanical renderings.

  5. anne marie, I guess that's not too bad for 2:30am...

    tim, thanks!

    starman, this time of year, especially.

    mary, cool.


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