Friday, May 23, 2014


Between Wednesday's and Thursday's storms, we got about forty millimeters (over an inch and a half) of rain. That's nearly a month's worth in twenty-four hours. Things are going to get mighty green around here.

This is part of our yard before the recent rain. The apple trees are fully leafed out.

I went to the market in a nearby town yesterday because I know of two plant vendors there that have always had a nice mix of vegetable seedlings and flowers. I don't need any vegetables since I've grown my own seedlings, but I wanted some geraniums for the flower boxes on the deck and outside the kitchen window. In past years I've put surfinias (cascading petunias) in the kitchen boxes, but this year I wanted to try a cascading geranium. I was armed with the name of a geranium I saw at the blueberry farm last summer, but the woman at the market didn't have that variety. She showed me another cascading geranium that she had and I liked it, so I bought six little pots for the window boxes. I was thinking of driving up to the blueberry farm to see if they had the rozanne variety, but I didn't need to.

I planted the deck geraniums yesterday. Today I'll tackle the window boxes.


  1. I could swear that I could hear the grass growing out in the meadow this morning....
    I can certainly see it has grown since last Saturday's mow!!

  2. Beautiful tree! Beautiful yard! I can't wait to see the window box photos :)

  3. I'm guessing those are ivy geraniums that you bought. I'm thinking red ?

    Mary in OR

  4. tim, yes. That's the grass you hear!

    judy, coming up!

    mary, not sure. I'll post photos when they're all in.


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