Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A brush with frost

Monday morning was a cold one. The temperature got down to just below freezing for the first time this season and we woke up to frost. It didn't last long at all, nor did the cold. I wonder, as do the weather people, if we're in store for another unusually warm winter. So far, last year's pattern is repeating: a little cold weather in early December, then no freezes at all for the rest of the winter.

The sun rose over our neighbors' frosty property on Monday.

Our weather is tempered by the effects of the gulf stream, which brings relatively warm and wet weather systems sweeping across the British Isles and northern France. In winter we can get cold arctic air flowing down from Scandinavia and northwestern Russia resulting in freezes and occasional snow. But that didn't happen last winter, which went down as one of the warmest in memory.


  1. Got my own fingers crossed that it may be another mild Winter. Not only the Gulf Stream, but if we can keep that pesky Jet Stream well to the north of us for a second Winter in a row I'll be happy as Larry. As at now the 10 day forecast for these parts (just a hop over the channel from you), taking us just beyond Xmas day, is looking reasonably promising..

  2. I know I'm in the minority but I would love some snow. What photographer wouldn't? If it's any consolation, I'm hoping it won't come to Touraine before I get back. We may be getting some snow here (VA) this weekend.

  3. Luckily at my place we don't have frost and snow. GREAT......

  4. Funny. We had some frost and snow in late November and early December, but now it is just cool and rainy. Go figure -- usually it's much colder in Aveyron than where you live.

  5. raybeard, I understand that sentiment, but I think we could do with a freeze or two this winter. They say it keeps the bug populations down and that the plants need it. But, too much cold would not be welcome, either!

    stuart, I agree. I also like when it freezes because the mud puddles go away and my dog stays clean during her walks. ;)

    gosia, I used to live in a place with no freezes, too. It's nice.

    betty, the whole country seems a bit warmer (in winter) these days. I'd prefer a bit more warmth in summer, to tell you the truth!


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