Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Symmetry, simplicity

One last shot of the water garden at Villandry. As I said before, there are six distinct gardens on the castle grounds, but when I visited with my friend C. back in October, we did not see them all. Somehow we completely missed le jardin du soleil (the sun garden), which is right next to the water garden. Instead, we walked down the allée and around le labyrinthe (the maze).

Grass and shrubs and trees.

There were some kids navigating the maze, but it didn't look like much of a challenge because most of the leaves had fallen off the hornbeam hedges and we could see right through, so we just walked around the outside.


  1. The maze also isn't much of a challenge for adults as if you are adult sized you can see over the top at any time of year.

  2. Really nice picture...
    it wouldn't half look good on a living room wall if you "letterboxed" it to make it much longer...
    cropped just under those foreground boxes...
    and straight through the middle of the foliage on the trees...
    blown up to six foot wide, it would be a real "designer" picture!!


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