Monday, December 15, 2014

In with the new

The newly re-planted vineyard parcel out back is coming along. The guys are in the process of putting in the stakes that will support the guide wires along each row of vines. The stakes are made of steel, a modern version of the the traditional wooden ones that don't last nearly as long. Robust wooden stakes are still used, however, at the ends of each row to anchor the guide wires.

The end stakes are in, waiting for the wires that will eventually support new growth in each row of vines.

Most of the steel stakes are in, but not all. I expect they'll be installed in the coming months along with the wires that will support new growth next spring.


  1. OK, I'll say it yet again: Beautiful photo! It still looks raw and dreary there; and you still capture the magic.

  2. I love that arc in the road and fence.

    By the way, I'm sorry my comments are a bit erratic lately as I'm in the States for two months visiting family and friends... and the days are packed!

  3. It must be fascinating trying to think what varietals to plant now; they will need to grow so it will be years before they are ready. Imagine trying to figure out what people will want/prefer in wine 5-10 years hence.

  4. mitch, it can be pretty dreary this time of year, being so far north. But it's not Canadian weather (not that there's anything wrong with that)!

    stuart, not to worry. The holidays are like that.

    gosia, :)

    michael, things are pretty regulated in France, so there are only certain varietals that can be planted in certain areas. That said, this could be one of three red varietals or one of two whites. I have no idea which one they planted. I will ask at some point.


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