Saturday, December 06, 2014

Pavillon de l'Audience

This little jewel of a building is located on the edge of the gardens at Villandry. The only mention of it in the pamphlets I got at the château is a sentence referring to it as le Pavillon de l'Audience, built in the eighteenth century. It sits almost behind the scenes, near to where the greenhouses are.

Le pavillon de l'Audience, Villandry.

A little quick internet research reveals that it was built by the then-proprietor of the castle, the Marquis de Castellane. He used the building as a place to receive (give audience to) the farmers and other people who worked the lands around the castle and town. I guess allowing the peasantry into the château itself was out of the question. According to what I read, the building was completely renovated in 2004.


  1. Looks so nice esapecially the windows..

  2. allow the peasants into the main house with muddy boots/dirty/smelling of cheap wine? don't want to be giving the hired help any ideas!

  3. Did you go round the side and check out the rather nice trompe l'oeil?

    1. susan, no. I had no idea. Something for next time!

  4. It's a charming idea, in a way.

  5. It is charming (except for thoughts of the peasantry). I just read about the new mega-mansions going up in the States (and in many parts of the world, I'm sure). 40,000 sf. I'm sure the peasants won't be given audience inside those either. The circle of life?


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