Friday, December 19, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I put up the real fake Swedish holiday tree earlier this week. It's Swedish because I bought it from Ikea. This year, we're keeping it on the floor. In past years, it's been up on a table. I think I like it on the floor better.

The holiday bush, v.12.2014.

So, the upcoming week is a biggie for us, food wise. We have steak au poivre on Sunday, then cheese fondue on Wednesday, followed by the big turkey dinner on Thursday. Yum. And then there's New Year's.


  1. Is word verification on or off? Very confusing.

  2. nice, even to the lights on the patio! and I never noticed the callie pillow before on the chair.

    I'mma come to your house on wednesday for some authentic fondue (yummy yum)!

  3. The tree looks good! Proper old-fashioned Christmas lights that don't flash through lots of cycles and give you a headache?

  4. What an cozy scene, so inviting. Norma and I would love to be there to share the fondue with you and Ken. Our tradition usually calls for a fresh ham on Christmas Day as we have the traditional turkey on Thanksgiving.

  5. It really looks great, Walt!
    Are those colored lights, or is it just the reflection of for the colored ornaments?

  6. I like the tree near your new doors and the lights on the patio for all to enjoy. Lights lighting up the long nights are my favorite things.

  7. So nice. But where are the presents !?!

  8. Beautiful. No fake (or real) trees for us this year. Darn cats! Trying to find a way to safely decorate for Christmas.

  9. Lovely tree! I"m sure Bertie will like the fact that it is on ground level! Those decorations are a real challenge for an active cat like Bert! Season's Greetings and Happy (upcoming) Birthday. Enjoy your 'steak à poivre'. I'm sure it will be delicious.

  10. I also have a Christmas tree from Ikea and itb looks nice as yours.

  11. and then... LEFTOVERS! Yummo! :)

  12. anne marie, that pillow was a gift from one of my best friends back in 2012 when we got married in NY. I love it.

    tim, no. They blink, they flash, and then some. I have them on a rather sedate setting. I like twinkling lights.

    bob, one of these years...

    judy, they're colored LED lights. The standard red, yellow, green, and blue. :)

    evelyn, makes the dark days less gloomy!

    stuart, silly stuart! Santa doesn't come until the 24th! ;)

    mitch, you could put antlers on the cats. Oh, wait...

    martine, Bert isn't in the house much and when he is, he doesn't really notice the tree. I think he missed that lesson in cat school!

    gosia, they are nice trees. No needles to clean up.

    jon, right!

    michael, thank you, kind sir.

  13. Cute tree. We have had a "fake" tree for years now, and just invested in a very nice new one as they other one was losing its needles. We didn't know a fake tree would do that, but after 10 years is better than 10 days. We like to keep it up a long time, so this definitely works for us!

  14. betty, yes, I know what you mean. At a certain point you just have to say "been there, done that" with the fresh trees and go for convenience!

    mark, thanks!


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