Saturday, December 27, 2014

What's on tv

Christmas is done, but the holiday week continues with la réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre (New Year's Eve) coming up on Wednesday. And television continues to offer up cheesy holiday specials. This week's cover guys are Cyril Hanouna and Nagui, both hosts of popular early-evening programming. In fact, they are the two most popular early-evening hosts in the country for 2014. I didn't even know that was a category.

A double interview with two popular hosts. Nagui has been on radio and tv since the early 1980s.

Nagui's show is called N'oubliez pas les paroles (Don't forget the words). It's a game show where contestants have to come up with the next line of a popular song; I've seen it once or twice. I've never seen Hanouna's show which is called Touche pas à mon poste ! (Don't touch that dial!). Apparently it's a tv show about what's on television.

The other night we watched "Titanic" again. I hadn't seen that one in a bunch of years. It was fun to watch, but I'm sure it will be many more years before I see it again. My heart will go on.


  1. oooh, nice looking guys! I would not mind having a go at the "don't forget the words" game.

    and I have never ever seen "titanic"; my heart will go on and on and on and...

    1. It's interesting that Nagui was born in Egypt -- his father was half Egyptian and half Greek, and his mother was half French and half Italian. Nagui lived in the south of France from a very early age on. He's in his 50s and has been a prominent radio and TV personality in France for many year. Hanouna was born in Paris in 1975 to Jewish parents who had immigrated in 1969 from Tunisia.

  2. Once again, Télérama is great and would make you look much more artsy-fartsy. :)

    But it wouldn't give your readers a deliciously cheesy look into "what's on TV."

  3. So relieved to know the results of the "Most Popular Early-Evening Hosts in the Country for 2014" competition! As for "Titanic," once was enough for me. My heartburn will go on and on.

  4. I've seen the guy on the right (is that Nagui?) on, I guess, that show you mentioned, on our TV5 station (his face is very familiar, but not the show). But, I think I've seen the Ne touchez pas à mon poste! show listed (I would have recognized its connection to "Ne touchez pas à mon pote!). Does Nagui do another show, too? It seems like I connect him with some other show where some kind of celebrities are sitting around a table, and the audience is behind them, and there is music being performed. (Clearly, I don't actually WATCH any of these shows *LOL*).

  5. anne marie, an aversion to Leo? Kate? Long movies?

    betty, hmmmmm. I don't think I could pull off "artsy-fartsy." ;)

    mitch, lol

    judy, yes, that's Nagui. He's done a lot on tv over the years but it's not the kind of tv I usually watch. I don't like competition shows (singing, dancing, or cooking). He did one music show (kind of like Don Kirshner's Rock Concert) but it was a late-night show so I usually missed it.

  6. The TV5 Nagui offering is "Tout le monde veut prendre sa place". Watching the show, I get about one out of every fifteen questions right...on a good day. There are lots of cultural references and songs that the contestants and audience all seem familiar with. After watching the 45 minute show, I feel like the outsider to French culture that I am.


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