Thursday, December 04, 2014


There are stairs in the Villandry gardens for getting from one level to another, but there are also long ramps here and there. They make strolling easier because you don't have to pay attention to steps. These ramps come down from the terraces next to the forest and lead visitors toward the ornamental garden that you saw in the previous posts.

The crenelations on the castle tower are just visible in the upper left.

Our days are gloomy right now. Dark due to overcast skies, misty rain, drippy trees, and cold. But it won't be long until the solstice when the days will stop getting shorter.


  1. "But it won't be long until the solstice when the days will stop getting shorter." - may the dogs and cats be praised for this! I am tired of the darkness descending at 3:30p!

  2. What a perfect shot! We've had some gloom here, too. But, today (at least for now) is glorious and sunny. Two days ago, while we had coffee, we thought the entire cafe was going to blow away. I guess we should be very thankful it doesn't start getting dark here at 3:30, but I too look forward to the solstice.

  3. Now that I'm back in the States for the holidays, I assumed your title was about those little green plants you find growing wild here. Ramps are a type of wild leek and are not very big. Anyway, the weather here in Virginia sounds similar to yours.


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