Sunday, December 07, 2014

View from the water garden

The main feature of the jardin d'eau at Villandry is a large reflecting pool. It's surrounded by grassy parterres and potted shrubs. The water spills into a small canal that runs down toward the château and into the moat. From what I've read, the water is used in the gardens.

Looking north across the basin in the jardin d'eau. I didn't get a shot of the swans this time.

A pair of swans hangs out in the basin. I remember seeing swans there in 2001 and wonder if it could possibly be the same pair? I've read that swans are partial migratory birds, but that many of them inhabit the same nesting ground for years, and that they can live a long time. Maybe not that long.


  1. I love swans they are beautiful

  2. Love the muffins, Walt!!
    Oh, that's the other post...
    Like this shot, too...
    a very nice, low angle...
    and a swan would actually have spoilt the geometry of this...
    "Captive" Mute Swans tend to stay around places like this if they are fed.
    The migratory bit is not for Mute Swans...
    but they will move from lakes and pools that might freeze over....
    to the nearest big river that won't...
    and, in exceptionally cold spells....
    they often move to the coast...
    but it is more a movement to maintain a normal food supply...
    whereas Bewick's and Whoopers that breed in the Arctic...
    sensibly come South for the winter....
    to places like "Hotel Slimbridge" where food is put out for them by the barrow load!

  3. Funny, I don't remember the water garden at Villandry. Maybe with two toddlers in tow, I never made it that far -- it looks like it is behind the castle, is it?

  4. that is a stunning view, yes. I am enjoying this virtual tour immensely

  5. What a beautiful shot, you're quite the photographer! It's nice to think those swans are the same ones you saw years ago. The only thing that would make this picture even more spectacular would be if a bunch of cute guys were shirtless, sun bathing on the grassy parterres around the water...but that's what our imaginations are for, I suppose :)

  6. gosia, next time I'll try to get a photo of them.

    tim, I did read about mute swans and figured the ones here are more or less permanent residents.

    betty, it is toward the back, behind the music garden.

    judy, :)

    michael, I'm glad you're liking it!

    a.g.d., lol!

    stuart, merci!

  7. What a place to just sit and contemplate. Gorgeous photo, as always!


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