Thursday, December 11, 2014

Miserable with a capital yuck

Wednesday's weather, that is. A fine rain fell most of the day, driven horizontal by wind. Callie and I had to cut our morning walk short because it was just too wet and miserable for either of us to enjoy being out in it. The air was cold, but not freezing. It was just an all around yucky day.

The view from the bedroom window. What looks like fog is actually rain.

Of course, it could have been worse. Freezing temperatures would have meant ice and snow. We're expecting more rainy weather over the weekend, but today is predicted to be a little nicer. On the positive side, our car passed its biennial inspection, so we're good for another two years.


  1. We drove up to Blois yesterday. Yuck and miserable are the words, for sure.

  2. The "fine rain" that we seem to be having an awful lot of at the moment..
    is called, in the UK , "drizzle".... to distinguish it from "mizzle"...
    we were out and about yesterday and it was 'orrible, to say the least.
    The worst thing is that you cannot dress against this sort of weather...
    the damp seems to penetrate every layer...
    the car thermo was registering a "warm" 9.5 Centipedes...
    but it felt far colder!!
    And, like the UK...
    there were loads of cars driving in poor visibility...
    without their lights on...

  3. been like that here all week. it's depressing.

  4. Sorry about your yucky weather. But your photo gives miserable a capital idyllic.

  5. Good news about the car- like getting an A+ on an exam.

  6. That's a fine view to wake up to !

  7. We are getting walloped right now. The storm may bring much-needed water, but the result will be flooding-too much of a good thing. And most of schools in the Bay Area are closed! I am not sure I have ever known of schools closing in California…for weather!

    Glad your oil and logs are topped off!

    And your view is still wonderful….

  8. Doesn't that hedge look good though? And the bay tree, too. Pauline

  9. Don't complain Walt. We have been having 25cms of heavy wet snow since Tuesday evening and it ain't stopping.

    1. t.b., it's French-style complaining. Je râle, systématiquement, pour le plaisir de râler. ;)

    2. Nah, you miss upstate NY < tongue out>
      Guess what!!! so far 30 cms and it is still coming down - we love it , white everywhere

  10. I think it sounds rather nice; good weather to stay home with hot tea and a fire.


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