Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's wine time

This is the wine we had with Christmas dinner. It's an Irancy from Burgundy, one we brought back from our trip there last October. After tasting the first bottle right after our trip, we realized that it's a wine that needs to be decanted, so that's what I did just before I took this picture.

I decanted the wine into a bottle we found in Sonoma, California, a hundred years ago.

Irancy is made from pinot noir grapes in northern Burgundy. This particular bottle was made with grapes from the "Palotte" vineyard, a small parcel in the hills above the town. From what we've been told and have read, it's one of the more prized parcels of grapes in Irancy. We had no idea* when we bought it, of course. The wine tastes good, so it must be so.

*The guy at the tasting room did say something about it, but my mind processed that as a sales job. Ken did some online reading later on that confirmed his comments.


  1. So I must buy it amd taste but I must check is it available at my place. But I believe yes

  2. Nice picture...
    the decanter looks to be made from recycled glass...
    it is a lovely shape.

  3. We are very fond of Irancy wine, and have bought some twice on trips up there. It is a fairly reasonably priced wine for the area. Hope you stocked up a bit!

  4. And for someone who doesn't know that much about wine - if I like it, I call it good - how did you know it needed to be decanted? Beautiful decanter.

  5. Forgot to mention that it was 77 here in sunny Florida yesterday. Stay warm.

  6. gosia, tell me what you think of it.

    tim, I have no idea if it's recycled. We found it in a wine shop in California back in the 80s.

    betty, we got six of these; they were kind of pricey.

    bettyann, me too. As for the decanting, you can tell when you taste the first glass that it needs time to breathe. Decanting helps that along. And wow, 77 and sunny! That's warm even for summer, here. ;)


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