Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday was pizza day

Not much to say other than we thoroughly enjoyed our pizzas for lunch yesterday. I made the crust on Sunday and let it sit to rise for eighteen to twenty hours. We used our own sauce (made from this past summer's tomatoes), and added ham, mushrooms, and Cantal cheese.

Food pictures are not easy in dim light with a hand-held camera. But I was too eager to eat to get out the tripod.

When we have pizza lunch, I make two pies. I bake one, then, while it's baking, I roll out the second crust to rise. After the first pizza is devoured, I make and bake the second one. I've got it down to a routine, if not a science. We followed the pizza with a green salad topped with Ken's home-made ranch dressing.


  1. )holds out plate for a slice)

    friday is pizza day at my house. but not home made; usually purchased from the local mom-n-pop greek joint in mah hood.

  2. What do yo think's wrong with that picture...
    everyone knows what a pizza looks like...
    the shallow DoF and tungsten light glow in this picture actually makes the pizza look really warm, tasty and inviting...
    as if it is being served to the viewer!

  3. That looks good,

    Following a newspaper tip, I've taken to cooking my pizza in a ceramic frying pan - just a minute or two for the bottom, then a couple of minutes under a hot grill for the top. Very pleasing results, though you have to stand over it, and be a bit nifty manoeuvring the pizza into the pan, which needs to be hot already.

  4. That looks like one tasty pizza! To know that it's going to be followed up by another, well, paradise!

  5. We had pizza yesterday, too! Probably just as good as yours -- I think it read somewhere on the box, after I took it out of the freezer, "Compares in quality and care to the finest Saint-Aignan home-made pizzas."


  6. What do you know! Monday was pizza day for us, too. However, WE went to Maestro Pizza here in Los Boliches. It's good, but I'm sure it can't compare to pizza at Chez Walt the Fourth and Ken.

  7. Oh this looks good! I have been jonseing for homemade pizza Walt! Your version looks yummy. Now, to find a day when we can have it…and the time to let the crust rise….

  8. Judy, good one!

    Walt, it looks delicious and it does have a warm glow. At least you had a steady hand when you took the photo; most of my food photos are blurry because I'm impatient to taste it.

  9. everything you eat looks 10x better than the rubbish we get here. I don't suppose you have Domino's in France?


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