Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Another perspective

Once visitors exit the château at Villandry, they find themselves on the terraces between the forested hill to the east and the gardens to the west. There are nice views of the gardens to be had from above in anticipation of actually walking down into them.

We visited in the afternoon, so I was taking pictures from above into the sunlight. At least there was sunlight.

The ornamental garden (or garden of love) is in the foreground of this image with the kitchen garden behind. The green garden to the left, on a level just above the kitchen garden, is intended to represent music with stylized instruments and musical notes depicted. It's just as difficult to make them out in person as it is in this photo. At least, for me.


  1. These have been really amazing photos of the Villandry gardens, Walt. Thanks!

  2. Looking at the ornamental garden, Il always ask myself how do the gardeners manage to plant perennials or annuals inside the the space formed by the boxwood motifs ( hearts, or circles or other geometrical shapes) . Do they use a ladder to access those planting grounds?

  3. Stunning once again. I have got to get back to these sites someday...

  4. This is what I expect your garden
    to look like the next time I visit. ;-)


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