Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I found this picture the other day, so here it is. The year was probably 1985; I was 25 years old. I worked for a member of congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. I didn't do anything related to policy or legislation. I was the front office staff and did the congressman's daily scheduling, along with other clerical things. And drove him back and forth to the airport.

At my desk, writing checks. I had an IBM memory typewriter. It was replaced with a desktop computer soon after this picture was taken.
I used WordPerfect back then. I still have that Washington, DC, mug you can see on the desk, upper left.

It was a great job and I had a very good time doing it. The congressman I worked for was from southern California and I was lucky to get to go there for my job. I combined the work trip with some vacation time to northern California and visited San Francisco for the first time that year. Ken came with me. I fell in love with that city and decided that I wanted to live there. In 1986, Ken and I left Washington and moved ourselves to San Francisco. I went back to school to complete my education at Berkeley and start my career as a city planner.

It's getting close to thirty years ago now. Time flies.


  1. You really do look the same. Want to go back to the Hill as an AARO delegate some time?

  2. Hi .I had to come over and comment. I thought you looked like a newspaper reporter :-) "word perfect" that brings back memories , I used that 1992/1993 when I went to college to retrain and did Business Office ..memories . Like you say "time flies" and you do look the same .

  3. What was the attraction of San Fran? Oh, the obvious. An IBM memory typewriter. What an interesting beast it would be to play with now.

    1. A good part of the attraction of California, besides the beautiful coastline, the mountains, and the mild weather, was the fact that California universities didn't charge high fees back then. Neither one of us had enough money to pay tuition at the prestigious East Coast universities. I didn't really want to move to California, but I didn't want to stay in Washington DC either. I really wanted to come back to France, but it took about 18 years to make that happen.

  4. 25? Without that 'tache I'd have guessed 20 tops.

  5. You looked a little surprised. Were you caught writing yourself a check?

  6. great photo which presents devices from the past

  7. What a wonderful photo, and I love all the memories it conjures for you ... and the stories for us.


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